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Semones Heating & Air Conditioning has been family owned and operated here in Versailles, KY since 1981, that's over 40 years of experience serving the residents here with their heating and cooling service needs. If you need gas furnace repair here in the Versailles area there's no better contractor to call than Semones. Our expert team of heating technicians can handle any furnace service repair, big or small, and for all makes and models.

We have the high level of experience and expertise to get your furnace repair fixed correctly, and in a timely manner. If your furnace is working fine now but you'd like to get ahead of future costly repairs down the road, you should schedule a furnace maintenance visit from one of our technicians. Regular furnace maintenance from our team will have your system running at peak capacity and efficiency for years to come. Call Semones today for furnace repair and maintenance in Versailles.

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Semones is your local heat pump repair expert - call today to schedule your service.

Having Furnace Trouble? Some things to check:

Sometimes, we get service calls for either residential or commercial customers here in Versailles needing furnace service, and then when we get out to the location our technician finds that the issue was something very simple - like their thermostat being turned off. There are a few things to check on your furnace system and thermostat when you experience your next furnace service issue, before calling our team. Of course, if these steps don't correct your furnace problem and you have a larger repair issue you can call Semones right away for expert service! Things to check on your gas furnace system:

  • First, make sure your gas furnace system has power. Make sure your main furnace switch is on. This switch typically looks like a traditional toggle switch with a red cover-plate. Check your circuit breaker panel into your electric panel to ensure that your heating system breaker hasn't tripped.
  • Next, make certain that your furnace has gas available. Make certain that the manual gas shutoff valve on the gas line to your furnace is turned "ON". If possible, confirm with another gas appliance like your oven or range that your home has natural gas available.
  • Next, go and check your home's thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is turned on and working properly, is set to heat, and the desired room temperature is set higher than the current ambient temperature. If you have a battery-powered thermostat, change it now.
  • If your furnace has been running but has not been providing normally heated air, check your furnace filter and duct outlets. If you have a disposable filter, change it now. Verify that every one of your house's supply registers and cold air returns are opened and free of obstruction.

It could definitely be the case that your gas furnace is experiencing some mechanical issue that you won't be able to solve by yourself at home, if these checks don't alleviate your furnace issue give us a call. Semones employs only the most experienced gas furnace technicians to get the job done right. We are here for your furnace repair service needs in Versailles.

Gas Furnace Tune-up and Scheduled Maintenance Plans

The best thing that you can do to keep your home's gas furnace running at it's best condition is to get regular maintenance done by a professional. Taking your car in for regular oil changes is necessary, if you don't bad things happen! If you don't get maintenance done on a regular basis for your furnace you could face costly repairs down the line. Our heating technician team are the best around at seasonal furnace maintenance. We can schedule your furnace tune up no matter what brand or model you have, and the exact steps we will take will vary slightly by system.

Common gas furnace tune-up steps include:

  • Inspection: When we arrive, we will be sure to carefully inspect your gas furnace and note its condition.
  • Cleaning: If you have a replaceable furnace filter, we'll switch it out for you. If you have an electronic air cleaner or other IAQ systems, we'll inspect it and clean the airstream components as needed. We'll also clean the furnace blower and control compartment.
  • Lubrication: We will lubricate any moving parts that require lubrication such as motors, bearings, or fans to reduce friction and prevent noise.
  • Check Ignition System: We will examine the pilot light assembly or ignition system and clean as necessary.
  • Gas Pressure and Burner: Make sure that the gas pressure is correct and that the burner components are clean.
  • Blower: We will inspect and clean the air blower as needed. We will measure the amperage and voltage for the furnace motor to ensure it is in excellent condition.
  • Heat Exchanger: Examine gas furnace heat exchanger for cracks, soot, and corrosion. Clean if required.
  • Venting System: Inspect the flues and ventilation system to ensure proper operation. If you have a condensing furnace, we will inspect the condensation drains and any condensation pumps.
  • Ductwork: Check ductwork for loose joints or hangers, and seal with mastic duct sealant as needed.
  • Thermostats and Controls: We will check you thermostats for proper functioning. If they utilize batteries for power, we will change the batteries.
  • Complete After Maintenance System Test: We will carry out a test run on your gas furnace for several minutes. We will check for proper temperature rise, blower operation, and burner operation.
  • Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove any old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.
  • Prepare Visit Report: We'll describe our work, document any potential problems and suggest any necessary repairs.
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